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Our diverse expertise and unrelenting dedication are the cornerstones of our success.

At Azern Digital, we’re more than a team; we’re a collective of visionaries, architects of digital transformation, and strategic innovators. With four years of unwavering commitment to the tech landscape, we’ve harnessed the power of software development to engineer growth, forge lasting client relationships, and redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital realm.

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Fawaz Almoajil

CEO & Co-Founder

With a strategic compass that has guided Azern Digital to unparalleled heights, Fawaz Almoajil stands as a visionary force in the digital realm. As the CEO and Cofounder, he deftly orchestrates the company’s overarching vision, client relationships, and strategic management. Hailing from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Fawaz brings over three decades of profound expertise that resonate through his meticulous approach. His mastery extends far beyond the boundaries of conventional leadership, forging Azern Digital’s path towards sustainable growth and innovation.

Sharjeel Ahmad

COO & Co-Founder

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Sharjeel Ahmad emerges as the technical luminary behind Azern Digital’s success. As the COO and Cofounder, he curates and leads the team responsible for crafting and delivering transformative solutions. With over a decade of technical prowess, Sharjeel is the architect of innovation, steering Azern Digital towards the cutting edge. His unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that every project is executed with the precision and technical brilliance that has become Azern Digital’s hallmark.

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With decades of IT experience, our technicians, engineers, business consultants, technical professionals and account managers focus on your business and how we can help you achieve business success. With Azern Digital, you’ll have the personal touch and expertise of our team at your service. Contact us today for an initial consultation to learn how we can address your greatest IT needs.

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At Azern Digital, we blend tech and strategy for tailored solutions. Let us assist you in finding the right fit for your unique IT needs, ensuring your business thrives in the digital age.
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