Consulting Firm Enters the Digital Realm, Introduces Vast eLearning Opportunities

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Oldfield Consultancy, a revered data-driven strategic partner to businesses, official bodies, and governments, stands tall in the realm of statistics and data modeling. Their international eminence has led them to pioneer human-centric solutions for industries including Defence, Academia, and Media.

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The Challenge

Oldfield Consultancy embarked on this journey without an existing online presence. Our task was two-fold: to create a digital footprint from scratch and introduce a Learning Management System (LMS) to extend their educational capabilities. The goal was to deliver a digital platform that not only reflected their prestige but also enabled interactive courses, quizzes, and an immersive user experience.

What did
Azern Digital do

Azern Digital approached the challenge with a blend of vision and precision.

Website Creation:

Elegant Visual Design: We conceived a digital façade that exuded professionalism and innovation, in line with Oldfield’s stature.

Responsive and Accessible: Our design ensured that the website welcomed users from any device, anywhere in the world.

Compelling Content: We curated content that illuminated Oldfield’s domain mastery and services with captivating language.

Visual Appeal: Infographics and engaging visuals transformed complex data into an understandable and artistic narrative.

Client Interaction: We facilitated direct interaction through chat features and clear calls to action.

Learning Management System (LMS):

User-Friendly Interface: Our LMS design provided intuitive course browsing, registration, and payments.

Interactive Learning: We endowed the LMS with features for taking courses, interactive quizzes, direct instructor interaction, and student-to-student collaboration.

Progress Tracking: The LMS allowed students to monitor their course progress and completion. Community Building: Forums and real-time chat features fostered communication between students and instructors.

The Results

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